YouTube is now the second largest search engine.

If you are a fan of video creation and wish to integrate your videos on to your website, then this definitely is for you.

You must be having a YouTube channel, if not you would want to go to my “Video Ranking Stratagem” to learn about it and also to learn how could you rank videos within minutes on top page of search results.

When you have videos, it is time consuming for you to have those being mentioned on your website…copying and pasting. What if you had a clear way of getting it right on to your website for your site visitors.

This also could take you to an authority stage in shortest possible time.

So here I am showing you how you can integrate the YouTube Channel on your website and getting your site visitors to subscribe to your channel.


  • YouTube channel
  • WordPress Website
  • Feedburner Account
  • TubePress Plugin

Step 1 – Install TubePress Plugin – Download it here.

Step 2 – Find out your YouTube channel RSS e.g

Step 3 – Create a feedburner feed using your YouTube RSS

Step 4 – Add the feedburner signup and Tubepress shortcode to a page on your site.

Your page will now show those videos automatically and will also update from your YouTube account and visitors can subscribe to from your video page too.

Enjoy. Hey, you can see my videos page here.