As an Internet Marketer, we all are aware how hard it is to keep up with almost everything. We keep trying to perform a lot when in Internet Marketing and hence it become tedious and is a nightmare to handle things on hand. It becomes time consuming to manage your calendars, JV partners, swap partners and so many other things. We all know in the business that there is something to get organize if we want ourselves onto the track.

One of the time waster is planning and co-ordinating an ad-swap with other marketers. You can waste your time to look for prime people to ad-swap with. You also need to track the results for ad-swapping. All this becomes tedious if you are doing it manually. The good thing is that all such things can be automated and can save you lots of time.

Fortunately with safe-swaps, all the statistics, calendar, entire process is automated. Your calendar is automatically setup so other people can book swaps or solos with you and you also can utilize the same with other people to setup swaps with them. Calendar shows all the statistics of the ads. You can see your partner’s list size and clicks. There is no way you can get burned on safe-swaps.

Every member has their own profile that is synchronized with their Aweber, GetResponse and many other supported auto-responder lists to show you the real numbers of people they have on their lists. You can rest easy knowing that someone is telling you the truth when they tell you they have over 13,000 people on their email list.

It has saved me a hell of time using this calendar. I can look at the calendar and see instantly if an ad I ran was successful or not. This saves me hours of analyzing different campaigns to see what is working and what doesn’t. Over time, I can spot trends between my different partners to see which partners have the most responsive lists. I can run more ads because I am saving a lot of time, and I’ve seen my income increase by over $2700 per month!

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