Believe me or not, you are reading this hub purely for one reason. You want to make money and you do not want to fail in your online endeavours. It that is the case then let’s proceed.Well, I am no where going to hurt you within this hub but instead I am going to be very much bold enough to tell you your own mistakes.

Most people including me when started had similar qualities and have been following what I have mentioned here but then I realized early enough some of the important and vital requirements to make me more money.

I will write what and how I made money in my next hubs but today I want to tell you several reasons why you won’t make money online.

I am going to tell you those situation and behaviours of non-successful people.

No matter if you have started online marketing today or few months or few years back, it still applies to everyone.

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Earning money is like a steep hill where you are walking alone but if you have a rope of relationship tied to you, the journey could become easy.

25 Reasons Why You Won’t Make Money Online

1. No Idea What Marketing Is?

Many people believe that online marketing is easy.

They only see the glamour and glitz that online marketers are enjoying but have no idea how they managed to make it.

There is no school that will certify you that now you are an online marketer. It is only you who can certify that you are good to go and earn out there.

If you are a psychologist in offline world does not mean understanding the psychology of your customers alone will make you money. You have to learn marketing and implement it strategically.

2. No Idea of Approach!

Approaching a prospect online is different from offline world. In offline world, you can approach a person face to face but in online world, you are not appearing in person instead it is your words which are going to talk for you, it is your words which will make sales for you.

Most people fail here because they have thousands of grammatical mistakes in their sales page. (Excuse me if I have one!)

Making money is not about only taking approach.

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do.

3. Buying Everything You Come Across!

A flawed mindset which feels “If I buy this one, I will make money in the next 24 hours, the way sales page boast of”.

Wake up guys.

Those days of easy money are no longer prevailing in online world today. You are just falling prey to another scam and spam from another online marketer who is trying to sell you his stuff. Not all products are bad but most of them are rehashed and crap.

Making money online is not about buying eBooks or join every membership site that you come across but it is all about you identifying the correct source of information and following it promptly.

4. No Action

Even if you have bunch of knowledge and have read hundreds of books online or offline about making money but if you still do not take action towards achievement of your goal then there is nothing you get.

By reading you feel you are increasing the knowledge but unknowingly you are increasing the overload of information which at a later stage will make you to suffer heavily and fall prey to procrastination.

5. Looking For Only FREE thingy

Most people do not want to spend money because it’s a risk for them.

Most people go to websites to download free eBooks.

If the eBook is available only after subscription then they do subscribe but as soon as the book is downloaded, they immediately unsubscribe. That means the guy is only interested in the ebook but not interested in knowing how the marketer is effectively using his marketing technique.

Success does not come without investment. The investment can be either time or money. Money is also involved when you need higher productivity.

6. No commitment

People who do not make money are those who are not committed to themselves.

People look for easy things and easy to follow steps to make money. There is no achievement without being committed in whatever you do.

One day you write an article and post it on your blog and then you do not publish to your blog for next 3 months, do you think you are going to get subscribers? Forget about getting subscribers, but you will also lose those who subscribed to you.

This happens because of lack of your commitment to your subscribers.

7. Overloaded with Information

Most people suffer from information overload because they have gathered tons of information but have no time to implement on it.

If you see one more technique to make money, you beg to the owner to give you the trick and then go for another and another until your computer is loaded with information but you have no time to go through and implement it and ultimately fail in your endeavours.

The key is to organize yourself by putting all your tasks together and prioritize it with specific time limit and follow it promptly.

8. Lack of Goals

You cannot go on to internet just to copy someone and decide to make money., It is like shooting at a hole in the dark.

You cannot strategize if you have no goals.

No strategy means no concrete path to walk and follow.

If you have no goals, you definitely suffer because you will always look for another shiny object and always try to implement one and the another and will continue to do so until you die.

9. Perception

Most of us have the perception ‘I know everything that is required to make money online’.

But let me warn you, by downloading eBooks, going through a coaching program or following some one do not make you perfect.

Perfection comes with experience and testing. Change your perception from everything YOU to nothing YOU and have a perception of learning everyday or else you are in dead waters.

No matter how much you learn and implement it, if you do not strategize and move towards your goal with perception of helping your prospects, you are not going to make money.

10. Lack of Patience!

Another major problem with newbies. Many of you want to make money fast.

You want money like yesterday.

You expect results immediately.

Let me tell you there is no miracle to happen. Wake up buddy.

It is a time game and you just don’t become rich overnight. You have to work smart and hard too to focus on one method until you make money from it.

11. No Split Testing

You try one method, it fails and then you go for another one, it fails and another one, it fails.

If this continue then the problem is not the method, the problem is YOU.

If one method has worked for some person and it is not working for you then you are doing something wrong somewhere.

Have the tendency to test several situations or go for split testing of sales page, email subscription form, headlines, sub headings, closing lines, etc. and see what happens afterwards.

You will always win if you stick to one method and see what works by split testing method. You will surely make money.

12. Inconsistency

Many of us keep changing our goal posts.

One day you decide to employ one method of making money and the other day, the other one.

We all know ‘Consistency is the key‘.

We have heard that saying million times but who wants to listen!

Avoid inconsistency at all cost if you want to make some serious money.

13. Learning from a wrong person!

I pity those who fall prey to those who have no idea of what they are talking about.

There are marketers out there who are full of hype and hoob and have no idea to teach online marketing.

Learn from those who have got some serious results and you’ll just notice if the person has the capability or not.

It is also you who should justify your coach.

14. Trying to do everything!

Most people do not want to spend money to outsource and have tendency to work everything themselves but let me warn you, you will fail and people have failed doing so because you will not know everything that is required in online marketing.

You cannot be the jack of all trades.

You cannot be a PRO in sales page design, sales page copywriting, writing eBooks, relationship building, affiliate marketing, email marketing.

So get settled, define a goal, strategize on the methods, stay focused and begin to make money online.

15. You Do Not Want To Listen

It happens online. I have personally seen those people who are taught something, a strategy that is workable and proven but the students do not want to listen and just want to implement or give a twist to the strategy that has been taught.

This will take you nowhere.

The coach teaches you something that is proven, always.

He has been there and have experienced what works and what doesn’t, so listen to him and implement what he says and you will definitely get results.

16. Unfocused

Many people fail because of lack of focus and keep continuing to try some methods without having complete focus on it.

Put some trust in yourself and focus only on one thing and see how far it can take you.

If you decide making money from blogging, then forget the rest.

Let the world earn by referring someone to some product, but you stay focused and you’ll have a name in blogging world. Believe me, it has been proven.

17. Looking for Magic Bullets

These type of people are always miserable because they look for magic bullets and they get none so these are the type of people who propagates the best saying ‘there is no money to be made online’.

Grow up guys, there is no magic bullet.

18. Self Motivation

Many people lacks this self motivation factor.

It is really important because you need to stick to your schedule or strategy that you have defined to reach your goal.

Many people read blogs and books and at the end of a day, have no time to implement anything and they go back to the same schedule the next day and again they won’t get time to take action and will remain like that.

If you are to write a blog post a day, then do not care of world around you. You just write and accomplish your task.

19. It’s You – The Culprit

Many people who do not make money online always think that they cannot make money online in their lifetime.

Most beggars remain beggars because they think and believe that they can only make it by begging.

If you keep that mindset then it’s YOU who is the culprit.

20. Too Much Comfort

Most guys do not want to come out of their comfort zone to online money making opportunity.

In the midst of lot of daily activities like football match, clubbing, games to play, going for movies and many other commitments, how do you expect to focus yourself?

You need to leave your comfort zone and that is only then you will start seeing some positive results.

21. Wrong Combination

If you have a blog that talks about weight loss with Yoga and you are promoting a weight loss diet program then you have a combination of Positive with Negative.

The people who are subscribers to your blog are only requiring to know more about yoga and not about the diet, so you will fail yourself.

In online industry, positive + negative is negative, negative with negative is negative but only positive with positive will give you positive results.

You only have to promote products related to weight loss with Yoga then and only then the combination becomes positive.

22. Your Belief

When you believe that your mentor or any other marketers who shout at the top of their voice that money is in the list and you instead believe that money is not in the list then you have that tendency to believe in old theories only.

This attitude won’t work.

23. Your passion

It is your passion which helps you to persevere in tough times and not your friends.

24. No time frame

All the work that you do online has to have a time limit and sticking to your defined time is highly vital for your success.

Another perception of timing is to target people at right time. cannot target Christmas related products in June and valentine related products in November.

You are supposed to choose right product at the right time.

25. Absence of Stability

If you find what works for you, then stick to it rather than jumping to another trunk.

Instability will never achieve you results.

You must find what works for you and keep scaling it high to achieve more and more profits.

I hope you have got a lesson now. If you have got more of such reasons, why not share it in the comments below: