In this online world, for you to get your content read by your visitors, what matters is TITLE. Title is an important aspect. Search engines show up the TITLE in their results, Title are shown on FaceBook pages , Tweets and everywhere else where you post your link. It is the first thing that people see and if it do not engage the visitor, they are going to move on.

Here are three rules for writing effective titles.

Use a keyword: This is no brainer but many do not even think about this. If you want your article to come up in search engine index, then you have to use your keywords in the title that people are searching for. And yeah, it should be somewhere near the starting point.

I won’t stress here how important it is to do a keyword research. It also gives you LSI keywords and other secondary and tertiary keywords that you can not only make use of it in the title but in the content too. Sometimes, the keyword research makes an article for me.

Instead of targeting a single keyword, why not choose 100 and start targeting all from your blog writing several posts. One day your blog will rank for many such keywords you chose on top page and Google will also see your blog as an authority in a particular niche so your blog will get more love.

Let the reader know what he will learn: Imagine only one thing that your readers are looking for information to make them learn or solve a problem by learning something that they need. Let the title portray that too. This will increase your click through rate. They are looking for information and there is no harm in telling them that you have it. If they have to stare at your title and make a guess what it’s about then they are going to move away.

How will it help them: Now out of the below titles, which one would you rather read through…

Top 10 Blogging Tips

Top 10 Tips to Help You Get More Traffic

My 5 Top Secret Tips to Get the Kind of Traffic That Buys

Personally, I’d click on the last one. I’ve already read enough generic blogging tips to last me a lifetime and I’m up to my ears in tips about generating more traffic – I don’t even have time to try them all. But, if someone told me they had a way to generate the kind of traffic that opens up their wallet when they get to my blog, now this I gotta see.

That last title also works on a few other levels:

It’s personalized – these are MY top secret tips. I’m already using them and they work for me, so I know they’ll work for you, too.

These are my SECRET tips. What happens as soon as you tell someone you have a secret to share? They lean in closer and give you their full attention! (Some people were killed for not disclosing the secret, 😉 )

These are my TOP secret tips: This pushes the “secret” thing a little further. Not only are these secret tips, but they’re secrets that I wouldn’t share with just anybody. You better hurry up and read this before I change my mind and take it down.

 So, you see, you don’t have to work at playing word games with your titles. All you have to do is tell the reader what it’s about and how it’s going to help. And don’t forget your keywords!