Thank you for checking on me.

I started IM back in 2008. I would not say exactly IM but I infact started to know how money can be earned from the Internet. I did not had mentor at that time so I was scammed by so many of those, email reading and click advertising type of sites, I wasted much of my time just reading those scam emails.

I realized my mistake, moved forward and joined the warrior forum which got me several gold nuggets about IM. Then in 2011, I started a service that can get websites to page 1 in search engines. Infact, even today, I am doing so at First Page Guaranteed Service and have earned some decent money.

I have now started blogging and will keep doing so and will help the newbies on various marketing tactics in Internet Marketing.

I have started my own Internet marketing coaching program (By the way, I was a part of Alex Jeffrey’s program – and I learned hell out of it).

If you are my client, I promise to care about your success.

When you work with me, here are some things you can count on me for:

  • To tell you the truth
  • To give you information that holds real value – if you pay me for a product or service, it will not be padded in fluff (that was one of my major complaints about other coaches when I was on the buying end of the equation)
  • To teach you about branding and marketing with patience and love
  • To never make you feel uncomfortable asking a question
  • To listen to you
  • To hold you accountable and push you to succeed
  • To not hold back for fear of offending you
  • To be respectful (even if telling you something that’s hard to hear)
I have been earning consistently through internet marketing and here is some proof.

You would not want to miss my coaching program to earn some figures as above.

Have a great day ahead.

Keyur Amin