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Yesterday, I wrote one post on Canonicalization error, and it got ranked for many keywords on top page and even on top position within just 3 hours. Yes, Just 3 hours. So I got really motivated to write another post today and here I go.

Today I wanna write about buying SEO services.

Normally, there is a trend that people look for buying SEO services after they have made their website, but in my honest opinion, it should be prior to buying a domain name, because SEO involves the domain name optimization with regards to particular niche and competition. The “domain name optimization” can help your site to rank higher with particular keywords – I won’t go about it in much depth with this post.

When should you buy SEO Services?

There can be only two reasons…
You have no understanding of SEO and you wish to rank your site higher in search engines.
You know about it but have no time performing SEO on your site.

Why should you buy SEO Services?
Very simple. To get love from various search engines by optimizing the site. Once the site is naturally getting in to top results, definitely it will have more visitors. SEO services are bought to get free traffic from search engines.

What are the types of SEO Services?

There are various types of SEO services available and it depends on many factors and niche.

Below are some of the types of SEO Services…

Academic – Particularly for ranking articles related to academic journals, scientific, archives and/or repositories. (This is not common for Internet Marketers)

Video SEO – Optimize the video for better ranking. Optimize is in terms of Title, Meta description, Coding quality of transcription, Filename extension, tags, transcription, subtitles, speech recognition (Blinkx uses this technology), text recognition and frame analysis. There are specific search engines for this purpose. e.g Talkminer

Image SEO – Optimize the images to rank higher. List of image search engines can be found here.

Local Search SEO – Optimize the site to rank locally. Those sites who provide geographical location with their business name, business address with their contacts are likely to appear in local search engine results.

General SEO – Most of us are interested in this one. Hot market for Internet Marketers. Just rank the site in Google, Yahoo or Bing for defined keywords.

Verticals SEO – This focuses on specific segment of online content. It is based on media type, genre of content or topicality. Common verticals are shopping, medical information, travel, automotive industry, etc. Examples of vertical search engines are Yelp and Trulia.

How should you buy SEO services or what measure should you take while buying SEO Packages?

There are may be thousands of SEO service providers and every one of them have different packages to provide and have their own statistics and insights hence it becomes difficult on who should you buy from!

Search engines too keep on changing their algorithms often to make their search results better and better for users.

However as Aaron says SEO professionals should be chosen not from their qualifications but should be judged by their results, while buying SEO services or SEO packages.

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