List Building Defined

List building is the process of building a list of email subscribers through some opt-in form on a website or some hosted platform.

The subscribers provides their email in order to receive some important information they require. In turn, the list builder then go on providing the information as scheduled in their auto-responders.

Why Build A List?

In the Internet Marketing world, we say “Money is in the List”. The more list subscribers you have, the more money you’ll make. An industry standard and studies shows that 1 subscriber = 1 dollar a month. So if you have 1000 subscriber, you can at-least make 1000 dollars a month. However, it all depends on various factors which includes the quality of your relationship with your list, the frequency of mailings and quality of content.

Does it take long to build a List?

Well, it all depends on how vigorous you are! Normally you can make a list of 500 people a month just by ad-swapping. Ad swapping is a process of exchanging mail advert between the two list owned by two different list owners in same niche. This way both the list owners get each other’s subscribers ultimately growing the size of a list.

The good example of ad-swapping is Safe Swaps.

You can even buy Solo-Ads and bring traffic to your squeeze page to enrol the visitors to your list.

Wish you a fast list building.