Hey Guys,

I stumbled across a very good idea for those who are interested in Offline marketing.

This phenomenon is called “Rent a space”.

  • Buy a domain name e.g. fitness gym in London
  • Host the domain on your preferred web host.
  • Install wordpress on it.
  • Write some 4 posts revolving around the keyword
  • Also write some 4 pages
  • Use a plug-in called Easy WP SEO to optimize the page or post.
  • Most probably your site will be in top page or on top of the page within 10 days or so.

rent a spaceThere is not much competition involved in this kind of work. You can rank any domain of such type in Google very fast with very little On-Page SEO.

After your site reaches on top. Go to Google.com or Google.co.uk, whichever is your search engine where you are ranking your site.

Go to page 2 and page 3, and take the contact details of those people having their sites on page 2 and page 3.

The idea is like this. They are struggling to bring their website on page 1 or on top but whatsoever the reason, they cannot make it. But you are giving theme the chance to be exposed to the public by asking them to rent a space on your website which is on top of the page.

This way they can get good exposure and you can get monthly rental income.

And the beauty is, the website is still yours. It is a monthly ATM machine for you.

Give me your comments on how is the idea or any twist that can be made using this technique.