Traffic Travis – Product Review – Traffic Hype Or Reality

What is Traffic Travis?
Traffic Travis is software intended to assist online businesses increase their web traffic. This tool is designated for SEO (search engine optimization), general market research and pay-per-click monitoring.

What’s the difference between “Free” and “Professional”?
Traffic Travis comes in two versions. One is a free version and the other is Professional.

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So what’s the difference? And how does it affect you?
The Free version is abundantly feasible software. It’ll do most of what the professional version will do with a few limitations:
• Limited number of projects
• Data caps on some API calls
• White label branding of reports
• Limited number of results returned in some sections

If you want to try the free version then you may click here. However with the release of v4.1 the professional version is much more powerful. Here’s a quick run-down on the improvements…

• More accurate keyword research results, plus more detailed data.
• Ability to search for domain name availability for multiple keywords simultaneously.
• More detailed analysis of SEO competition. Easily see how hard it will be to rank for any keyword.
• Ability to compare backlinks among multiple websites at once.
• At the click of a button, find sites where you can get quality links from.
• New AdSense analysis tool. Lets you find overlooked traffic opportunities.
• Updated Adwords analysis tools.
• Brand new interface that is more users friendly and puts everything within easy reach.

How Beginners profit from Traffic Travis?
• Offers a page analysis tool to judge and determine the on-page SEO of a page and provides an SEO Score for that page with some suggestions to improve it from an SEO perception.
• Tells you where your site is currently ranking for important keywords so you do not have to manually look for the results.
• Keeps track of previous rankings to justify if your site is ranking higher or down with time.
• Find out who is linking to your site. It finds your site’s backlinks and provides vital information about sites linking to your site including the anchor text of the link.
• Provides summaries to analyse at one place to enable you research your site with your competitor’s and can find where they are putting their efforts.
• I must say it is an all in one place software.

How professionals can benefit from using Traffic Travis?
• Saves lot of time as it provides search engine ranking positions, finds backlinks, analyse keyword density (this one is now getting less & less relevant), etc.
• This is a software that has gathered so many tools in one and hence handy for newbies and professionals too.
• Analyse and store historical data and can show market trends with time. Can be your watch-dog on your competitor’s site to find if their site is going higher or down in search rankings. Do their keywords have higher PPC, finds out which ones are profitable and not profitable for you? Which one should you bid on and which ones should be dropped off?
• Most statistics are put on one page as a summary to analyse lot of stuff on a screen.
• Provides dominant PPC research tools within. When you are paying for PPC advertising, you want your campaigns to go profitable. This software provides comprehensive data to scrutinize your niche market.
• Project graphs, reports and printing: For SEO and PPC professionals using Traffic Travis to perform analysis for clients, Traffic Travis offers reports and graphs which can be printed and given to clients.

The significant profit for professional users is providing a one-stop-shop for SEO (search engine optimization), rather than depending on numerous tools on several websites.

Being able to easily cross-reference information is also a very important benefit, and allows users to save a considerable amount of time when researching their market and competitors. The PPC tools are so comprehensive and useful that they could easily be released as a separate product (in fact there are already products on the market retailing for up to USD$200).

$1 Trial is available which can help you try professional version. Don’t miss this one as no one can give you all this for just $1.

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Grab your chance to better ranking with Traffic Travis.

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