Many people wonder how should they spend their online activities and how should they organize it and what should you do when on a certain website and why?

These series of blog posts will tell you everything you need to know as mentioned in above questions. I will be discussing your visits on social media and why you should use them and what should you do in a specified time, on those social media and social bookmarking sites.

We will consider the top social media websites and will be discussing in detail why you should use them and how?







Social Bookmarking Websites

How to spare time on each of this above mentioned sites and get what you need from social media interactions?

To start with, let’s decide on timings for each social media networks.

Google+ – 15 Minutes

Facebook – 30 Minutes

LinkedIN – 15 Minutes

Twitter – 15 Minutes

Pinterest – 15 Minutes

Tumblr – 15 Minutes

Social Bookmarking Websites – 15 Minutes

Combining all the time mentioned, you’ll need 2 hours in total to accomplish your desired goals.

But, question arises what should you do on this platform and what is the achievement you’ll get?


So, let’s dive in to it now.

I will be taking you through one network at a time in each blog posts and discuss the next one in my next post tomorrow. At the end of every post, I will summarize the flow.

Today we will be discussing about Google+

Why Google+?

Google+ is now the second largest social media network in terms of accounts ownership. This is simply for a reason that Google forces everyone to register for an account before utilizing their services. When you register with Gmail, your G+ profile is automatically created and this is how they managed to get on to the second spot of highest number of social media accounts.

Check out the following image which shows it all:

Google+ Account Ownership
Google+ Account Ownership Status

On Google+, you can do the following:

  • Share your posts
  • Follow an influencer
  • +1 someone’s posts
  • Hangout with fellow account holders
  • Share your photos
  • Take an active part in community discussion
  • Create a community and invite people to join
  • Use it to show your picture in search results

Now you cannot do all of these in one day, I mean you are not going to hang out with a person every other day, instead you could schedule it for every 15 days or do it depending on the demand of your product or your time and may be on what you are promoting.

So, every day your task should be following:

Follow and Get Followers

Follow at-least 10 -15 followers and keep doing it until you reach your goal. Your goal could be to follow 1000 followers then doing this exercise for 65 to 100 days could achieve your goal. When you follow 1000 followers, at-least 700 – 800 will follow you back. And then when you share your blog posts, it will be reaching to all those 800 followers…can you imagine the power now (the after-effect of following after 100 days). That is the exposure you can get 100 days later so you will want to continue to follow more and more people and more people will continue to follow you and get your updates in their G+ profiles. So start with small and continue doing it with consistency to get large amount of followers.

+1 Someone Else’s Posts Or Your Own

Remember, online marketing is a monkey business. The more you scratch someone’s back, the more yours will be scratched. So the more you +1 and share someone’s posts, the more your posts will be shared and +1ed. Do it every day. Decide to share at-least 5 – 10 posts with your own followers, every day.

Share your photos

Share anything that you come across online. Whatever you like, not only should you share it on Pinterest or Tumblr, but also share it on G+. Google+ allows you to share .gif images so if you want to be hilarious and funny, you can do that using this platform and it is a good practice because everyone is getting serious in marketing and when you share with them some funny pictures which can soothe them or relaxes them from their stressful situation, they will thank you. So you do not have to be always a marketer all the time, be funny and be hilarious some time.

Not only should you share your funny pictures but you should also share some personal pictures. Not so personal but publicly personal pictures like public party pictures, beach photographs, graduation ceremony photographs, etc. You got the idea.

Take part in discussions

You should be a part of 3 to 5 Google+ communities within your niche so that you can learn what people are doing within your niche and what kind of questions are coming up in the group for discussion. Who knows…this questions could be the basis of you to create your next blog post? So be a part of the community and actively join the discussion and create the discussion too within the same groups every 2-3 days.

Daily you should ensure you take part in at-least 3 discussions within a community and answer elaborately. Short answers won’t help. Try to give out long answers and elaborate with examples if need be. This act will show the community members that you know what you are talking about and that you are an authority in that niche. This status will be helpful when you want to promote your next product.

So keep engaging with an active community and you should also initiate at-least 2 questions within one week’s time in every community, you are a part of.

Create a community and invite people to join.

In order to be well-known and authoritative, you should create your own community on G+ and invite people to join through sharing some discussions and posts within the community with other communities (if they allow you to do so) or you should share the link on to other social media networks. This is very important for you to gain authority status. People would want to associate with you and in turn you will get more followers and people would love to hear from you, always.

Use G+ to show your picture in search results.

I think the video I created some times back will help you get more insight on getting your picture in search results.

Hangout Sessions

This is not an everyday task but you could do it with your fellow community members every week or you can use it to promote your product by explaining the features and benefits of your products live on G+ Hangouts.

This is a very lucrative and easiest way to convince people because they can see you talking and they feel face-to-face conversation with the product vendor. This normally converts at 30 to 40% depending upon the price of a product and niche.

Summary Of Everyday Tasks

To summarize the flow, you should do following every day on Google+ Follow at-least 10 to 15 people within your niche

  • Follow at-least 10 to 15 people
  • Share at-least 5 to 10 blog posts or updates
  • +1 at-least 5 to 10 posts or updates
  • Comment on or take part in at-least 3 discussions in G+ community, every day
  • Invite at-least 5 people every day to join your own G+ community
  • Create a discussion or ask a question, every 3 days in your own created G+ community and also other communities in which you are a member of.
  • Share your or your pet’s photographs – personal or hilarious – every 2 to 3 days
  • Hangout with fellow community members every week

Based on above tasks, you can schedule or prepare on photographs, questions and updates that you will be sharing with your own followers. Depending upon the kind of goal, you can strategize the above tasks.

Next post will be similar kind but for Twitter so keep an eye on it tomorrow.

How do you use Google+ and what you feel about this post. Feel free to comment below and let me know if we can make it better!