Yesterday we discussed about Google+ marketing and what you should do daily, on Google+. If you have not read that post, then click here and read it. This is the second post in this series and we will today discuss about the daily tasks to be done on Twitter for 15 minutes.

As you are aware, Twitter has emerged a long way and is now one of the most crucial sites to market yourself and your ventures. It is a platform widely used for addressing issues about a product, complaining about a service or chatting with followers. No matter what your venture is, Twitter is a must have tool to market to.

Twitter is a similar kind of platform compared to Google+ in terms of following and followers; however you cannot separate people in circles as you do on G+. On Twitter, all followers are treated the same, so whatever tweet (update) you make, will be shown on the main feed page of their (your followers’) twitter account.

Why Twitter?

twitter marketing

There are many great business uses for Twitter, like sending out news briefs or advertising the latest job opening, but believe it or not, there are even more personal uses for Twitter. However, we won’t discuss here the personal uses of twitter like finding a job, keeping up with the news, getting involved in politics, chatting with friends, arranging a trip out of the town etc…but we will be more inclined towards professional touch of twitter and I will show you how you can benefit from “tweet relationship”.

There are many things that Twitter is famous for and some of the things I am going to discuss today are listed below:

  • Follow your friends and families
  • Find and follow your niche influencers
  • Mention and reply to people
  • Direct Message to your followers
  • Use Hashtags in your tweets
  • ReTweet other people’s tweets every day
  • Tweet every day.

Allow me to explain in detail.

Follow your friends and families

When you are just starting out on Twitter, the first help you are going to get or those guys who will be willing to spread your word, will be your friends and families. Do not be emotional thinker – as in, do not think what they will think about you and what if this and what if that!

Find out if they are on Twitter by using the Twitter search option. If you know their twitter handle, then it becomes very easy to use it in search to find them and follow instantly. If you know their email, then also it becomes easy to follow them using the same search bar. If you have no idea of their Twitter handle and their email address, then use their name in the search and find them out and start following.

Do this every day for at-least 5 friends or family members. To perform this task, you will need to create a list of all those whom you know and who you want to connect to. Do not worry if they are not in your niche or if they will re-tweet or not! Just follow them and send em a direct message once they start following you. We will come to direct message (DM) a little later.

Find And Follow Your Niche Influencers:

This is a biggy, so please pay attention.

If you plan to promote your blog or your product, then this step is a must for you. There are multiple ways to get to know influencers within your niche but I will list out only one of many. (My mentor program gives you multiple options).

To find out niche influencers, we will use two websites:


Followerwonk is a website to help you find social influencers based on Twitter.

use twitter for blog

Once on followerwonk, click on Search Twitter Bios and you will be given an option to put in your keyword.

search twitter for blogs

By clicking ‘more’ link on the bottom right corner of a search box, you’ll get more options to choose from. They are self-explanatory as shown in the image below: Make use of ‘See Example’ link next to each block to learn how to use those advanced options.

why should I use twitter?

While searching in the main search bar, you would want to make use of phrase match keywords that means you need to put your keyword in quotes, if your keyword is 2 or more words. As an example I have used “weight loss” as the keyword and I got results as shown below:

how to market using twitter

By default, the search results will be sorted as per ‘followers count’ but we need the ‘social authority’ status so you click on Social Authority link which is the last link in the table, and all results will be sorted from highest to lowest in terms of social authority. The higher the social authority of a person, the higher the authority status and the more engaging they are with their Twitter followers.

sort as per social authority

Depending upon your niche, you may get some magazines on top or some person, no matter what they are in to, just follow them initially. If you want to refine it to the best influencers, then you should use Twtrland. provides you the statistics of a person’s Twitter account. It has a free option and a paid option too. However, free option is enough to provide you with many statistics.

For you to use Twtrland, you need to know the twitter handle of a person and we will be using followerwonk to find a twitter handle of an influencer and use it in Twtrland to find their statistics.

In our example, I will be using @MensHealthMag as the twitter handle and head over to

can twitter make me market

Put the Twitter handle in the search box and hit enter. You will get the result as shown below:

using twtrland for twitter marketing

It has many benefits as you see in the image above and I have put black boxes around the important areas on the image.

  • The first one on the top left gives you their twitter handle and since when they are using twitter!
  • It also gives you how many tweets they put out in a day; in their case it is 18.
  • They get 9161 Re-tweets for every 100 tweets. Incredible, Isn’t?
  • They also get 396 incoming replies for every 100 tweets. Great statistics.
  • They have more than 1.3 Million followers and 70% of them are men and 59% are from United States.
  • They have talked with 716 people that mean they care about their followers.
  • On top right, there is a tweet distribution circle, which provides us the details of what they are tweeting. 53.9% of their tweets are links, 18% are replies, 13.5% are just plain text tweets, 12.5% are Re-tweets and the rest 1.7% are mentions.
  • As you scroll down, on the left side, you will see their skill expertise, and their expertise is health, nutrition and sports.
  • You also get a glimpse on the followers demographics which is very important if you are also targeting the same demographics for your blog or product launch.
  • You also get some glimpse on their Famous words, Top Followers, Photos, Plain Tweets, Links, Replies, Mentions and you can also browse some other similar personalities.
  • The similar personalities are important to explore because they will probably have similar statistics and should never be ignored. Go deep, see their statistics and start following them.

So this is a quite a bit of tutorial on how to find an influencer within your niche.

As an everyday task, you should follow at-least 10 such influencers in your niche.

Mention and Replies to People

Consider several people in a room and you are a professor. You are calling a person in the room in front of everyone, then that is called a ‘mention’ in Twitter language.

Mention on Twitter is done by using @ sign followed by the Twitter handle of a person. E.g. I love what Keyur tweets @keyuramins.

This tweet is now said to have mentioned me.

Replies are also done the similar way, but we will be using a link provided by Twitter

using reply from twitter

If you notice the image above, each tweet has a Reply option below it and once you hit the Reply link, a box appears at the bottom of the tweet for you to reply to a person’s tweet.

It is like someone discussing in an open room and you replied to what they were discussing about. As you noticed in the image above, replies are also done by using @ sign followed by the Twitter handle.

Do not confuse yourself between mention and replies.

Direct Message Your Followers

This is a very important etiquette of Twitter. It is like an SMS or you can say, you are talking one to one with another person in a separate room where no one can listen your talks.

Direct message are written by putting a character ‘d’ in front of a Twitter handle. To give it a try, head over to your Twitter homepage and click on the box where you write your tweets. Normally the tweet box appear as shown below with the Tweet button on the bottom right corner.

twitter box for tweeting

As soon as you write ‘d @’, it turns itself in to “Send Message”…check the image below:

send message using twitter

You should talk to your twitter followers using direct messaging on twitter and keep in touch with them. It creates a sense of personalization and people feel it better, so everyday try to get in touch with 5 to 10 people within your niche. They should know you and you should show them that you exist and you are not a robot but a real human being.

Favorite Other Tweets

When you go on Twitter, you’ll find many tweets.

You should favorite the ones you like because the person who tweeted the tweet that you made it favorite, will receive an email from Twitter that you favorited one of their tweet with a link to your twitter profile. This is a better way to force people to come and see your Twitter profile and probably get in some relationship building, instead of sending spammy messages when they join. What do you feel?

favorite a tweet

Favorite 5 to 10 tweets per day.

Re-Tweets Other People’s Tweets

Re-tweet on Twitter is similar to Share on Facebook.

If you feel, a particular tweet is going to be loved and liked by your followers, then re-tweet a tweet and go on doing this every day. When you Re-tweet, the original tweeter will receive an email from twitter showing you retweeted a tweet. Again this is a good gesture and marketing technique to be well known within your niche.

Do not worry even if you are re-tweeting your competitors tweets because they will like it and probably join hands with you in the future and help you promote your stuff on their twitter.

retweet for marketing on twitter

Re-tweet every day at-least 5 to 10 tweets.

Tweet Everyday With HashTags

Now it is your time to become busy tweeting your own tweets. It could be anything from your blog posts to photos or videos. Yes, you can share photos, videos and even Slideshare presentations within your tweet.

Ensure you tweet at-least 10 to 12 tweets per day with hash tags. Hash tags are important to convey or participate in to some discussion which is already going on and you are showing a contribution or participation within that discussion using hash tags.

So to summarize, every day you should do the following on Twitter to get tons of followers and also become an authority within your niche.

Again remember to follow your goals and accordingly strategize as I discussed in the first post under the sub-heading, follow and get followers.

  1. Find And Follow At-least 10 Niche Influencers
  2. Mention 10 people and reply to 10 people
  3. Direct Message 5 to 10 people
  4. Favorite 5 to 10Tweets
  5. Find And Follow 5 Friends or Family Member
  6. ReTweet at-least 5 and max 10 tweets a day
  7. 10 to 12 tweets are enough for the day and use hashtags.

Some of the websites help you automate this task but use it carefully and do not portray yourself as a spammer. I will write another post providing you with different tools to make use of, for twitter marketing, so keep an eye on my blog posts.

I hope this will help you in your twitter marketing and I would love to hear your thoughts on how you use twitter to make a difference.

Feel free to comment below and let us know your twitter venture. Also if you find this useful, please care to share it with your friends on social media.

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